RSCDS Sheffield

Learning To Dance

by Margaret McAteer

When first we start to Scottish dance
It may be only just a prance
But we are taught what steps to take
Good dancers soon we hope to make

The travelling step we need to learn
Before we start to make a turn
We then move on to learn strathspey
Not all of course in just one day

We set to our partners and turn them as well
Now feeling confident, as you can tell
Pointed toes and turned out feet
Are standards which we try to meet

Reels and jigs are rather fast
Sometimes we have to turn, then cast-
To corner-partner – which is easy
But done too fast can make us queezy!

Social dances are regularly held
Let’s hope what we learned has really ‘jelled’
Crib sheets are swotted to learn the sequence
Unfortunately mistakes occur with frequence

Half way through the evening we stop to eat
And chat with all the friends we meet
The dance carries on then, as before
Our over indulgence we try to ignore

So why not join us on Monday nights
Your prowess and skills could reach new heights
You’d learn to ‘trip the light fantastic’
Whilst improving your health – it’s very gymnastic


Classes are held Monday evenings at 7.30 p.m.