RSCDS Sheffield


Dances we did in our Monday classes:

1 July 2019

The Reel of the Royal Scots (R) RSCDS Leaflet 27
Miss Gibson's Strathspey (S) RSCDS Leaflet 18
MacLeod's Fancy (J) RSCDS Book 33
The Gentleman (S) RSCDS Book 35
Inverneill House (R) RSCDS Book 35
The Belle of Bon Accord (S) Deeside Book 2
Fall of Rogie (R) Alexander Book 1
City of Belfast (S) RSCDS Book 48
The Highland Rambler (R) Leeds Silver Jubilee Book

3 June 2019

Hooper's Jig (J)
The Captain's House (R)
Sugar Candie (S)
Seton's Ceilidh Band (J)
Cherrybank Gardens (S)
Scott Meikle (R)
The Potters Wheel (R)
The Laird of Milton's Daughter (J)
The Highland Rambler (R)

20 May 2019

British Man O' War warm up)
Saltire Society Reel (R)
Rose of Glamis (M)
The Irish Rover (R)
St Columba's Strathspey (S)
EH3 7AF (J)
Royal Wedding (S)

29 April 2019

Alison's Round Reel (warm up)
Torridon Lassies (J)
Foxhill Court (S)
The Laird of Dalnair (R)
Chasing The Eclipse (S)
Wild Geese (J)

15 April 2019

Tambourine (R)
The Countess of Dunmore's Reel (R)
Greenmantle (S)
The Whistling Wind (R)
Slytherin House (S)
Born to Dance (J)
Fair Enough (J)
Langholm Fair (S)
The Sailor (R)

8 April 2019

British Man O' War (warm up)
Crom Allt (R)
Scarborough Castle (S)
The Committee Meeting (R)
Swirling and Twirling Leaves (J)
Midsummer Common (S)
Mairi's Wedding (R)

1 April 2019

The Lion Gate (warm up)
The Ambassador's Reel (R)
Karin's Strathspey (S)
The Whistling Wind (R)
Miss Milligan's Strathspey (S)
Crom Allt (R)
Summer In Assynt (S)